The Gaffin Group published in ACG’s “Middle Market Growth”

The Gaffin Group is pleased to report that an article authored by Mark Gaffin has appeared in the Association for Corporate Growth’s September 2013 issue of Middle Market Growth. The article, titled “Do PE Firms Starve Companies of Innovation? Myth or Reality,” sheds light on misconceptions around the rate and effectiveness of innovation generated by portfolio companies of private equity firms.

Notes Mr. Gaffin: “We are delighted to contribute to the Middle Market Growth publication. I enjoy the content of this new publication and hope to work with them again in the future. This topic of innovation is one of several major research themes at The Gaffin Group and we plan to publish more on the topic. Our Group endeavors to leverage the best academic, practitioner, and primary research to address what we call the myths and legends of the middle market and private capital formation.

Fundamentally, we believe in informed debate over agenda-driven polemics. To paraphrase Professor Oliver Gottschalg, ‘the current debate [about advantages and disadvantages of PE] is characterized by a low ratio of facts to opinions.’ It is hard to underestimate the importance of the middle market to the U.S. economy. And private capital formation is critical in supporting the vibrancy of that sector.

The Gaffin Group will continue to strive to reduce friction points for capital providers, operating companies, and service providers through our consulting and research efforts.”

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