The Gaffin Group joins ACG on Capitol Hill education efforts

The Gaffin Group participated in a day of visits to Capitol Hill policy makers’ offices to advance discussion and education on issues facing the middle market and private capital formation. The Association for Corporate Growth has developed both a robust public policy agenda but also has made available an extensive data set illustrating the impact of private equity investing. The latter data has been published in “Driving Growth: The Impact of Private Capital of the U.S. Economy“.

The ACG and volunteer members are backing up those publications with direct, in-person discussions with policy makers and their staffs. Mark Gaffin told us, “I was able to participate in day two of a multi-day effort with ACG staff and fellow members. The day was packed with meetings on both sides of the Hill [Senate and House] and with offices of both parties. As I have noted before, The Gaffin Group supports fact-based discussion of issues impacting the middle market and private capital formation. I believe that the impact of ACG’s explicit public policy agenda and the powerful presentation of the data in the Driving Growth publication will go a long way to advance the education of policy makers and the general public.

The middle market is incredibly important to the economy – and this is borne out in studies both in the U.S. and in other countries. Informed debate, not emotion or agenda, will drive thoughtful regulation and rule-making. I think there are people on both sides of the aisle that are concerned with the trajectory of the economy. We at The Gaffin Group will provide whatever support we can to advancing those discussions. I would be remiss if I did not thank the ACG and its Board for setting up these meetings. This was a very valuable experience and I encourage others in the industry to support ACG in its efforts here.”

The Gaffin Group also would direct interested parties to the website for more information on the data behind the Driving Growth publication. There is an opportunity there to modify variables to tailor views on the underlying data.

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