The Gaffin Group meets with Congressional Members

Mark Gaffin attended a reception at the New York offices of Venable LLP with a small group of industry professionals and Congressman Jim Himes (D-CT) and Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ). While the specific topics of the meeting were not disclosed, we understand the meeting to be informative and productive. As Mark Gaffin reported, “It was an honor to be included in the group to meet with Congressmen Himes and Schweikert. I have had the opportunity to hear both gentlemen speak in other venues, but it was a pleasure to have a more direct exchange. Without going into specifics, the meeting was very informative and, I believe, useful for both the Congressmen and the industry participants. I remain encouraged that efforts to reach out to policy makers will bear fruit. I pledge that The Gaffin Group will do what we can to help advance the dialogue based on our research and insights from our work in the middle market. I feel this is an important step in a long journey to bring more fact-based information to policy makers and regulatory bodies. I appreciate and thank Venable LLP for its efforts to bring this meeting about. And, of course, I thank both Congressmen for their time and insights.”

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