Brookings Institution: Promoting Innovative Growth – Venture Capital, Growth Equity, and IPOs

(Washington, DC) Mark Gaffin, Founder and President of The Gaffin Group attended an event at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC organized by Economic Studies at Brookings and the Private Capital Research Institute. The event, “Promoting Innovative Growth – Venture Capital, Growth Equity, and IPOs” was well attended and featured panels with representatives from the Association for Corporate Growth, Professor Josh Lerner of the Harvard Business School, and a keynote address by Congressman Jim Himes (D-CT). Mr. Gaffin noted, “I enjoyed getting a chance to catch up with Professor Lerner as I have followed his work in this area for many years. Prof. Lerner’s panel on ‘Sources of Capital for Funds’ was spot on and touched many of the topics facing middle market private equity firms.” On other elements of the event, Mr. Gaffin said,”Congressmen Himes made a compelling talk. I am intrigued by the efforts he has made – especially related to the JOBS Act – with members of his party and with those across the isle.”  And wrapping up his thoughts on the event, Mr. Gaffin pointed out that there great insights from Professor Chatterji (Duke University) on “Growth Equity” and from Professor Jay Ritter’s presentation on the IPO Market. Mr Gaffin said, “I have been a fan of Dr. Ritter’s work and it was nice to be able to meet him, finally.” 

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