Why are we here? A simple goal…

201304_desk_phoneThe goal of this blog is to provide a helpful, and hopefully sometimes humorous, commentary on the goings on in the world of middle market finance. We’ll share anecdotes (names changed to protect the innocent or dull) and illustrations of the human side of deal making in the middle market – and try to share some experience gained over 20+ years in and around the business.

The importance of the middle market to the economic engine of the country is well known (at least to those willing to look past the odd op-ed in MSM). There are great tales of heroic entrepreneurs building fascinating companies from scratch to multi-national enterprises.

For those of us lacking in the DNA of venture capital masters, we eagerly await the arrival of these firms in the middle market, where there are a host of challenges and opportunities to take the company to the next level. As we find our voice in this blog, I hope those interested in the middle market will share their perspectives.


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